In this short and moving narrative, Damein Cheong gives voice to longings, struggles and questions that will resonate with young people as well as the older generation.   While his battle with critical illness and impending death at a young age is far from common, we will easily relate to Damein's search for meaning and honest questions about God in the face of fears, disappointments, depression and suffering. His sense of humour and candid retelling of his journey make the book both readable and enjoyable.   More importantly, the book provides signposts to discover how to live wholeheartedly and intentionally with hope and joy.


Damein Cheong

Damein H.S Cheong is an author, missionary, and a testament to the power of unwavering faith. Graduating from the Discipleship Training Centre’s Bible Seminary in 2018, Damein has carried a deep sense of calling for missions since his mid-20s. For over a decade, he has dedicated himself to reaching out to the Japanese people, driven by his passion for sharing the message of hope and redemption.

In February 2022, at the age of 38, Damein’s life took an unforeseen turn when he was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and given a challenging prognosis of just 14 months to live. However, in the face of this daunting reality, Damein rose above the prognosis, fueled by a profound determination to seek God’s redemptive plan in the midst of adversity.

Out of this profound journey, Damein penned his book “Convergence: Seeing God’s Redemptive Plan in the Midst of Facing Death.” In this inspiring and heart-rending series of reflections, Damein candidly shares his intimate experience with God, his journey through the valley of the shadow of death, and the discoveries of hope and joy that lie beyond the realms of possibility.

Despite living under the weight of a death sentence, Damein’s life reflects a contentment and peace that surpasses comprehension. His journey serves as an inspiration to all who seek to find purpose and meaning in the face of life’s most challenging moments.

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